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How WP Immunity Fortifies Your Site
Get the insider scoop on WP Immunity's cutting-edge technology, making site security unbreakable yet user-friendly.
Asset Protection

WP Immunity’s Ironclad Promise

WP Immunity isn’t just a plugin; it's your brand's personal bodyguard. With cutting-edge tech, it shields your website from threats, ensuring your brand reputation remains untarnished. Experience a digital fortress that keeps your assets safe, 24/7.

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Guard Visitor Safety

Ensuring Your Visitors’ Safety

In the online world, visitor trust is everything, and WP Immunity is the shield that keeps that trust intact. By protecting against data breaches and malware, we ensure every visitor’s experience on your site is safe and secure. Let WP Immunity be the guardian of your site’s credibility.

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Easy Install Protection

Simplicity Meets Security

For those who think robust security is always complicated, WP Immunity is here to change the game. Our user-friendly platform is designed for efficiency and ease, making strong security accessible to all. It’s the security solution you’ve been waiting for – straightforward and powerful.

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Live Tracking
Live statistics to track and monitor visitors and threats to your site.
XSS Protection
Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) can allow an attacker to exploit security flaws in the website that allow execution of malicious code using browser script techniques.
Escalated .Htaccess Editor
Edit your .htaccess file manually to have more granular control over the requests that are made on your website.
Brute Force Protection
Protect against false attempts to sign into your admin panel.
Spam Protection
Spam can be submitted to many websites to bog them down with messages and advertisements that detract from the quality of the content.
Proxy / VPN Protection
Proxy servers and VPNs are normally used to give the illusion that a user is going through a network/location when they are not, which can mask their true identity.
SQL Injection Protection
SQL Injections are a technique where malicious users can inject SQL commands into an SQL statement, via web page input.
Toxic Bot Protection
Malformed or fake bots can slow down your server and even automatically search for attack vectors on your site.

Choose Your Protection Level

Choose the plan that fits your site: free for essentials, premium for comprehensive protection.



  • Force SSL (HTTPS)
  • Live Tracking / Statistics
  • XSS Protection
  • User Enumeration Prevention
  • Disabled XML-RPC
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$20 per month

  • Everything From The Free Plan
  • SQL Injection Protection
  • Toxic Bot Protection
  • Country / IP Global Bans
  • Spam Protection
  • Proxy / VPN Protection
  • Escalated .Htaccess Editor
  • Brute Force Protection
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